Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that my Eowyn is at a good healthy weight - 22lbs! Before she wasn't eating when she was younger, but I've been working with her and now she has been eating morning and night!

Before she was so skiddish and the vet put her on doggy prozac, but I didn't want to medicate her and plus it wasn't working, so I just took her off completely and continued to work with her, using different techniques. I found out she likes to work for her food. I make her do a number of tricks and when she completes them all (it has to be a lot, she won't eat with just a simple sit command) she just tucks right in.

Now, she eats everything, sometimes 2 bowls in a night. I took her to the vet and weighed her and she is a healthy 22lbs! She is a petite corgi, so I think that weight suits her. It's better than before when she wasn't eating and only weight about 18lbs and I could wrap my fingers and overlap them around her belly. Now, my fingers don't touch and she's all muscle.

I just wanted to let you know, I'm so relieved. =)

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Congrats, Eowyn! Good girl (and good job figuring this all out, CaptainCorgi!)


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