Hi everyone. My 5 month old corgi is teething and she keeps grinding her back teeth! It is loud and sounds like she's chewing on something. I know she has her adult teeth coming in but it just doesn't sound good. She has plenty of toys, teething toys and bones to chew on. Does anyone have any other advice on what to do? Thank you in advance :)

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Are the bones you give her a raw bone? Cooked ones are bad, they splinter :(  Raw ones are great for teething and are really good for their digestive system.

She's probably chewing on a tooth that has just fallen out, my dog Baxter just went through all of this (he made weird sucking/chewing noises)

It's normal when they are teething, if the grinding persist, you may want to check with the vet to see if the teeth / jaws are align correctly.
Hi thanks a lot for the replies. It stopped once she lost all her baby teeth :)
Great! Thanks for the update :)


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