I have only taken Finn to the groomer twice in his life and I love everyone at the groomer's and the atmosphere is great. It's privately run, not some big company like Petsmart. A week or so after the first visit (about 7 months ago) I noticed a couple little scabs on Finn while petting him but unable to be sure what caused them, I let it go.

His second trip to the groomer was this last weekend and a couple days ago we again found some small scabs on his body. Now I feel confident that he is getting the scabs from the groomer. I want to know how he got them and how common this is. I don't know if we should stop going to the groomer or just tell them next time about the scabs to ensure that they don't do whatever might be causing it.

The possible causes I came up with were the brushes (the first time was a shedding blade and the second was a Furminator) or the shampoo or conditioner. I know they used a deshedding conditioner the first time to loosen up the hair so I assume they use it the second time as well. Any ideas?

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All this talk about the groomers, and it does seem to fit because it came after he was there. But...our Lucky developed scabs down his back which turned out to be allergies! We ended up having allergy tests on him, it is worth thinking about if the scabs develop again after speaking with the groomers. We use PetSmart as the local privately run groomers did not know what a corgi was (imagine that!!!) and they always ask about any skin issues with the boys, I would advise letting the groomers know about your concerns.
You're right, allergies can cause skin problems but in this case I know it was a result of something that was done at the groomer's. As I said, this has happened to him twice in his life and both times were after being at the groomer's.
I would talk to the groomers just to let them know what has been happening, they could try doing some thing else to prevent that from happening. I've never brought Callie to a groomer because I just do it myself. Growing up my mom had a Boarding and Grooming business so I learned how to do it myself (and I still have some of the supplies.) I wish I had a little table like she had to just help Callie stand still when I shave her butt fluff, (which she has a whole lot of!) but I think I do a good job. As for baths I just use some of the shampoo left over from when she closed the business.
I'd love to have a grooming table!
I got a 4ft folding table at Costco it works great. She stands still for me when she is on the table if i try to brush her on the floor she runs away.
Just a regular folding table or is it meant for grooming? I'd like it to have the arm with the leash on it just in case he decides to kamikaze off the table. :)
No it is a regular folding table:(
Well I'm sure it's much cheaper than a grooming table so I'll keep it in mind. Thanks!
You can usually find some online on Ebay for reasonable prices.
I'll have to check it out. Thanks Cindi!
I called the groomer today and I actually got to talk to one of the owners who is the one that groomed Finnigan this last time. He remembered Finn right away being the only Cardi they get in there and he adores Finn. I described the problem and he said it sounds like it is from the brushing. He said they use two brushes on him since he has so much fur and sheds so much, one is a rake and the other some kind of a finer comb (not positive what he was talking about) and working on him for so long with the brushes probably caused irritation. I asked about shampoo and conditioner and he said they use wonderful organic, hypoallergenic products and he's never heard of them causing burns or irritation but he can switch him to an oatmeal wash just in case but would like to stick with the deshedding conditioner they used on him. As far as the brushing goes he said they may want to brush him in segments; use one tool during the first visit then come back the next week to use the other that way he's not being brushed for extended periods of time. He was really nice about it and I assured him that I like his company and would like to keep coming but wanted to be sure that we can eliminate the cause of Finn's scabs. I think he understood.


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