I've been looking through the forums about food for corgis, and I have seen an alarming trend.  I'm sure most people responding are trying to be helpful, but some of it seems like "guilting."  When an owner says they feed Purina Puppy Chow, it's a little unfair to trash the food.  Not everyone has the funds to feed the really high quality $40 a bag food, and no matter how much someone loves their corgi, they can only do what they can afford to do.  Just want people to remember that.  We all love our dogs, from the Purina to the Blue Buffalo feeders.

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Thanks, Gregg is into Naval history so he wanted to name him after Adm.Horatio Nelson.  Gregg's sister hated both ideas and said it should be more lofty because of the Corgi tie to The Crown.  (i wanted Poopdeck).

SO....Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson's Poopdeck, it is!


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