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Its been a long time since I've had a discussion topic but I need some help.  I have been taking Logan to Intro to Agility and we are having a wonderful time.  Our issue this that the tall dogs in our class are all using short hand grip leashes that allow the owner to hang onto their dog but release their dog during a run and the leash just hangs there, in no one's way.  Obviously, our issue it that even a shorter leash will drag a little if on a corgi and also since the leashes are from 13-21 inches, it still doesn't allow me to hold it without bending over.  

I have seen collars that have retractable leashes in them.  Has anyone had any experience with these.  The one I like best is by Rad Dog and is called the Release N Run leash.  Here is a link to their site. https://myraddog.com/

I am thinking about getting one to try but it would be great to hear from you all.  Thanks!

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I haven't used a leash like this, but from looking at the picture it looks like the retractable part of the leash isn't a tape leash, its more of a string.  For retractable leashes I like to get the tape one, because if for some reason you need to grab it, you have something to grab without slicing your finger or hand on.  The non tape retractable leashes can do some major damage. 

I haven't used one myself but it looks like a great idea if it works as advertised. I used to use the coiled up shoelace type leads from cleanrun.com, but they're really hard on your hands and they stretch out eventually too.

The thing that makes me think this will work is that it is just for the training center.  I will not be using it anywhere that I might need to really take a lot of control.  I just make sure he doesn't get the a wild hair and run craved through the facility.  I ordered it.  I will try to report back.  


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