Drake is now almost 5 months old.  We have had him for a month.  He eats EVERYTHING outside that he is not supposed to.  Grass, weeds, rocks, dirt, wood of any and every kind, mulch, chicken poop, literally everything he can get his mouth on.

We have been working with "leave it", but we literally have to be like "leave it leave it leave it leave it leave it" all over outside.  He just won't stop trying to eat everything.  Have a beautiful huge front yard, but have to keep him leashed all the time or he just constantly eats things.

It is not because he is hungry.  Half the time he doesn't want to finish his puppy food.  He would rather go outside and eat yard debris.

He is also teething, which is just making it worse.  We have tried providing tons of toys for him to chew.  Nope, he only wants to eat stuff he is not supposed to.

We are starting obedience class tomorrow, but it is inside and he doesn't usually do it inside, just outside.

Anyone have any advice?  I am at the end of my rope with this eating everything.  :(

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Welcome to the world of owning a puppy; a corgi puppy ta-boot.
There's really not much you can do aside from keep on top of it. My coonhound attempted to eat a razor blade, have eaten hundreds of dollars in socks, panties, bras and dirty diapers ( ok so...like $100 tops) My Corgi still eats plastic and fabric and my coonhound loves rocks as well. Work on the "leave it" command and that basket muzzle suggestion sounds pretty smart lol I never even thought about it.  Best advice I can give ya. Hopefully you survive with some sanity in tact :P I sure didn't hahaha! The joys of fur babies hehe.

When Sophie was a little puppy she too ate everything... She even ate a very low dose blood pressure pill as a puppy and had to take her to vet to have her watched for 24 hrs!! I used to give her a bowl of ice chips all day, felt good on her teeth and she also played with them. She is still a big chewer I have to keep a lot of bones in the house so she doesn't eat everyone's stuff. She is alot better when i tell her no but i think they will have to outgrow alot of it. Ice Chips work and so do, cold carrotts. Hope this helps.

He may grow out of it. Beez used to always try to eat his poop but he stopped when he was about a year. He still is a sniffer and occasionally will try and eat something he shouldn't, but it's a lot easier to get him to "leave it/drop it" now as his focus is improving. Drake is still very young, so the novelty of some of that stuff  he's interested in now might wear off. Here's hoping anyways! ;)

Our Rocket is the same way... he is 10 months old today and is like a little hoover vacuum cleaner.  He sucks EVERYTHING up... but he is getting better.  He now knows that leaves don't taste good so he will walk by those... BUT..  sticks, fresh dirt, cigarette butts, plastic, paper, butterflies, bees... you name it, he tries to eat it.  ugh.

We have to constantly scan the area we are walking him for stuff and steer around it.  I really hope he outgrows it, but "leave it" and "drop it" are constantly used outside.  Inside the house, he's pretty good.

Just like any other baby, everything goes in his mouth.

Oh wow! I actually found comfort in this thread (i'm a first time dog owner)... I just got my little girl 3 days ago, she is 9 weeks now. I was freaking out because she also put ANYTHING she can find and swallows it when she was outside. I am so afraid that she will get sick from them! I had pulled grass, rocks, bugs, slugs, twigs, leaves, and etc... out of her mouth. I think I will start training her on the 'leave it' command. But right now, one thing that works for me is to distract her. I will call her and pretend I'm running and she will drop whatever she is doing and come chase me. Not sure if that is the best way, but so far it's working... 


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