I adopted a male corgi by the name of Chance eight months ago. He just turned two this January. I've noticed that he has been pressing his head against our sectional and on the dog beds around my house after he has a meal.

The majority of the articles I've read on the internet point to liver problems, neurological problems and tumors. I plan on taking Chance to the Vet on Monday

Has anyone had head pressing issues with their dog?

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Our Butter presses his head into sofas, the floor, etc when his allergies are bad (his ears flare up due to food allergies). We give him ear drops for this. I hope it is something simple like this and not something neurological or serious. Take care, Joy and Butter
I'm not sure I know what you mean by pressing. Is he continuously pushing his head against something or is he rubbing his head or face on objects? Finn will rub his face on the carpet after eating or paw at his face but usually I find that he has food stuck in his teeth and allergies may play a part in it as well.


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