So here's the story. Recently I have been taking Autumn to the beach every day for 1 - 3 hours or so and just letting her run. She loves the water and has generally stuck pretty close by me. Just running back and forth chasing (and barking at/biting) the waves and following me if I walked the other way. For 2 weeks she was pretty good. However the last few times we have gone to the beach she just runs and runs like crazy and won't pay attention to where I'm at, or if I'm calling her, walking the other direction etc. I can't really figure out what the difference is. I have tried giving her treats when she comes to me several times when we are out... so its not like when she comes to me she knows that the trip is over... it might mean a reward instead. I'm guessing that it is because she doesn't want to leave... but she never gets tired! She will literally run for hours and still dig her feet in when I try to get her to leave. Autumn is fine everywhere else... just not off leash at the beach now. And I hate to keep her on the leash because I know she can be good (when she wants) and she really needs to run. Does anyone have any suggestions??

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Hi Mochi! Sidney gets very focused when he is off-leash and forgets to hear us - so we don't ever let him off leash. Next time we go to the beach we will either use a very long lead (a nylon rope) or a retractable leash. He's so curious and fast that I just can't take the chance letting him off leash.
Hi Geri.
Considering that Autumn is very well behaved everywhere else off the leash, and the beach I take her to doesn't really have anywhere for her to really get away to... I'm not sure I would feel right confining her to a leash for the rest of her life. Especially because she needs a lot more exercise than I on the other end of the leash can keep up with.
Thanks Kerry. That makes sense to me. I'll let you know how it turns out!
I think I might have a panic attack if I can't see Autumn. Haha. I'll have to take her in the morning on a weekday and try that out. I think she does usually try to keep me in her sight. However I'm not sure how long it would take her to notice because she's pretty focused on chasing those darn waves. :)
Oh, yeah, I've been told that too -- and I just can't do it. The hiding thing would cause me to panic, too. In one emergency situation, when Bertie (who is 99% well behaved and comes when called) ran out onto some ice in a raging river (after ducks) and stopped listening -- I got him to turn and come back by pretending to fall down. Bertie to the rescue! But I totally agree with the suggestion above -- work every day on your recall with her in different situations like the beach, parks, etc. (using a long lead in areas where you're afraid you may not be able to get her attention). Having them off leash is great fun, but not if you can't get them back on the leash!
I'm just glad no one else saw me flailing around on the ground like that -- they would have thought I was having a stroke or seizure or something. But it worked, thank goodness.


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