I am possibly going to be getting a corgi buddy for Angie...Yey!

but I don't know what I would name him/her

Any Ideas? please tell me!

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I think its gonna be hard to pick until you know who the puppy is. Is it a boy or a girl? What's Angie's full name? I have a girl called Maia, her full name is Maia deNovo von Puppington and when I got her brother I wanted a name that kinda went with her name. I know that sounds impossible, but the new puppy showed his personality and became Mobius Georg von Puppington. For practical purposes they are just Maia & Moby. Think about how you want their names to sound, too.

Totally depends on personality :) I have a huge ol' list of male names for when I bring home a puppy :) I am learning heavily towards Marley just to match with Ziggy, but it's not my favorite name on the list, and it really does depend on the personality to me :P Ziggy's name fits him perfectly lol... Even though it wouldn't have made my list at all, let alone be a favorite:P

My best friend's mom's name was Angie, and her dad's name was Brian....... Just to toss that in there... Hehehe

My favorite doggy name is Bacon.

I looked up welsh names and their meanings before I got Seanna...her name means "God's grace"...

I don't know if it will be a boy or a girl so I'm not quite sure of a name. Angie has a full name. It is Angelica Marie Dickson. I called her Angelica instead of Angelina because my Grandmas friend kept calling her Angel. I am not sure of names yet,my brother suggested Sparky but we had a cat named sparky.

Awe. I had a cat named Sparky too :)

I've been watching old "Have Gun Will Travel" episodes on Starz Westerns, and would love to name a dog Paladin, or better yet, Hey Boy. But maybe Hey Boy would be a better name for a cat.


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