Ahhh! I yelped a new groomers and told him I wanted to trim a little, esp. around the butt area and underside since dirt sticks to it.  I left my baby there and came back to check on him and he was halfway shaved, they shaved his sides but the top and his chest fur was still there... I told him to stop and just trim his butt hairs, they said ok and told me to come back.  When I came back to get my corgi, he was mostly shaved (esp when i told them to stop!) and has a strip of hair like a mohawk down his back. He has about half an inch of hair, and whats worse, they didn't even shave it evenly!!!! UGH!

My corgi is only 1 and is relatively healthy save for a dry eye issue, will his hair grow back? Has anyone experienced this? I am very distressed! I feel too embarrassed to take him any where unless he has a shirt on.  

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Has his hair begun to fill in? This discussion popped up again on the main page and I realize it's been almost 3.5 months. I hope there has been some progress. I brought my Newfie mix to the groomer in March due to uncontrollable matting on his butt and tail fur -- not due to poop, but just that it was SO LONG and turned into butt dreads haha! His backside is very sensitive for some reason, and simple brushing wouldn't help. I brought him there to see if there was anyting she could do, and she ended up shaving it all off. It has started to really fill out after 4.5 months, but the poor thing was uneven and looked like a lopsided baboon. Haha!! Looks good now.

The difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is a few weeks.  Or months.  He's a dog, he'll get over it.

I'm so sorry.


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