Need some advice please. My 3 1/2 year old Corgi Kallee has all of a sudden over the past month or so pretty much ignoring her food. This is from a Corgi who when let out of her pen in the morning ran over her brother Wallee and all humans to get to her food dish. Now, she was eat a little bit and simply wal away. The vet says she checks out fine and will eat when she wants to. However, it seems like too much of a radical change to me. Anyone have any suggestions? Weather? Bad experience for her with her food?

All help and suggestions appreciated.



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He is still getting 1 cup of food twice a day.  His weight then was 40 lbs.  His weight now is 38 lbs.  We are currently feeding him Taste of the Wild whatever the "fish" version is.  Since the food switch we have not had any additional trouble with him eating.  He runs for the food and eats like a pig everyday :)

Here is a pic of Frosty from last year, but it is still accurate as he weighs the same as when this pic was taken:

What a handsome boy! Glad it all worked out by changing the food. Thanks for the update.

That's a beautiful dog! So regal! Glad he's back to his usual piggy self!


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