My two puppies are now 10 weeks old. I recently found two black bugs on the golden one and was able to get rid of them. I suspected that they were fleas. Since then, I've checked again and again, and bought a flea comb to try catch out any more fleas, but it seems like there aren't anymore. However, I can tell that my puppy is still itching a lot and is constantly scratching himself.

His skin is slightly pink at the place he scratches, and I felt the tiniest scab the other day.

I've tried bathing him with puppy shampoo, and bought an anti-itch cream to soothe his skin, but none of it seems to be working. The vet says its still too early to put him on Advantage, and I know that flea products available are not suitable for puppies this young.

What should I do to help soothe his skin and stop the itching? Any advice would be appreciated!

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It sounds like the flea dirt and eggs are irritating him!  If you notice his scratching a particular area put T-tree oil on to it. Unfortunately they wont like it but it soothes the itching as does regular vinegar!!  

Here in Ireland you can treat from 10 weeks with either advantage or frontline based on their weight. 

If you are going to treat them dont wash them for 24 hours before or after putting on the treatment and keep the boys separated as they will probably lick the flea treatment off each other!!

Hope it helps



We use this skin/coat supplement from Foxy Treats (organic!) for Sidney


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This is a local company and I know the owners. They have a corgi too!



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