Help our baby girl is lost in Las Vegas :( {posted in fabulous las vegas corgis also}

I don't know what to do. Our new corgi arrived today from AR. She was very shy but her previous owners warned us she would be like that. After getting her home my boyfriend took her out to potty and she got spooked, slipped out of her collar and just didn't look back! :( We are distraught, and I didn't know what else to do. We live near mountains edge and she took off running west (directly into mountains edge)

If any of you have any ideas of how to look for her (besides driving around, which he is doing currently, and posting on craigslist, which I have just finished doing) I would really appreciate some help with this one :( 

We just want her back. Here's a link to our craigslist add if any of you have seen her or have picked her up:


Thank you so much for reading!

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poop.  Still hoping though that she's being taken care of by someone who you just haven't connected with yet.
yeah me too... a lady gave me a heart attack today because she posted an add saying she found a tan dog. so I emaild her just in case and asked if "this is the dog you found" and I attached a link to my add looking for her... she wrote me back "yes and returned to owner already" ... I was like WTF ... turned out she didnt even look at the link i attached and the dog she had was a sheba inu,,, i was like ummm yeah sheba inus and corgis look completely different... and then she proceeded to describe her curly tail and ask me what my dogs tail looked like... i was like hahaha yeah this is definitely a different dog thanks anyways lol
oh no!!!!  how horrible to get your hopes up, and then to be brought back down.  I am praying for a safe return of your corgi to you very soon!!!  Im sorry you have to go through this  :(
oh damn!  You really are being put through the ringer aren't you.  Come home, little Corgi, come home!
Still thinking of you, sorry to see no new news.
Your story is just tearing me up.  I thought about you a lot yesterday as my daughter and I looked for puppy pictures of Twinkie to take to school.  I hate that you are missing even one day of puppyhood.  I will continue to pray for a happy conclusion.  Have you looked into the service?  There are conflicting reviews but I know I would be at my wits end by now.  Thinking of you, Cindi

Thank you for all your nice thoughts Cindi

I don't know if this will make it a little less stressful for you or not, but she is actually not a puppy. Our poor girl is 4 years old. We bought her from a breeder after she needed to have a c-section and was therefore spayed. She was coming to us to enjoy a VERY spoiled retirement and to keep our boy company since they are around the same age. I feel so awful because she hasn't had the easiest life so far, and I was looking forward to showing her the finer things in life (like sleeping in our bed instead of a kennel! lol) and now this :(


I think about you everyday and hope that she is found.  I have a friend that lives out there and forwarded your post to her...keep us up to date and good luck!
Thank you for the clarification.  Still breaks my heart though.  Keep us posted with ANY news.
When you get her back I suggest a harness for walkies & potty breaks. Gwenie does better on one. When I got her I had to chase her down the block in 110F degrees. I just dove on her like a footballer player, but got her. Then carried her home. Crying telling her she was my baby girl and I loved her. Good luck.
I wonder if you can put an ad on petfinder?  With her picture and an ad stating she's lost?  I'd maybe try to get all the vet offices numbers and call seeing if anyone brought in a new corgi about that age.  I don't work during the week...I'd be more than willing to help in any way I could...
I would call all shelters, police station, and all vet clinics., leave you #. I wish i could help in any way. What part of Vegas do you live. My prayers are with you, and a safe return for your corgi. Hope she's ok out there.


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