I need some advice! My 11Ibs. Puppy has swallowed about an inch long piece of an edible puppy bone. We don't know what to do. Should we take him to the vet or wait it out and see if it passes? How does your Corgi handle digesting objects like this? Has this happened to anyone else? Thank you!!

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Call your vet. If you can't get through to your own veterinarian on the phone, grab your credit card and take the dog to an emergency vet.

Are you sure it was a whole inch long, or had the dog managed to whittle it down before swallowing it? You'd be surprised what a dog's gut will digest. Some commercial "bone" or "dental cleaning" toys are digestible, but others, such as Nylabone, are not. Dogs can and do puncture their intestines with objects they bolt down, including commercial chew toys. I wouldn't get hysterical...but wouldn't ignore it, either.


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