Al is superb at Fetch, but will not put the ball into my hand.  He either drops it so it rolls right to me, or else drops it in my lap, or anywhere but into my hand.  He almost seems to avoid my hand.

I want him to drop in directly into my palm, so I don't have to pay any attention, just throw it. 

My strategy is to ignore him until he puts it into my palm, but he just doesn't get it.

He is 5.5 years old.

Please respond if you have helpful specific suggestions.

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i was about to suggest that!

2yrs ago I got my Corgi from my brother. Earl the corgi doesn't know how to bring the ball back. He was taught with a 4yr old when he was born. The parents throw the ball and the first corgi Elton, would go get it and bring it back and they made a big deal out of it. But, never taught my Earl to fetch. He runs after Elton or other dogs and barks loud but he won't bring the ball back to me. I have worked with him for the 2 yrs and he just won't do it. Even for treats he won't bring me the ball. He lays down. He acts like it's a bad thing for him to get the ball and bring it back. I need advice bad. I am so bummed my dog is the only one that won't fetch. My brother says he never will. I don't want to give up on my baby.  If anyone has any advice please help me. Thank you so much.

A non chuck-it answer is to slit the tennis ball and put some treat inside. When he brings it back, dispense one treat. Do that awhile and then start only giving the treat when the ball is put in your hand. Do not let him see you put the treats in the ball. for this to work it has to be "magic".

Consider yourself lucky that he gives it back to you.  Ellie fetches, brings it back, wants you to play more, but cannot seem to bring herself to actually let go of it.

I just put out my hand, tapped my palm and said "put it in my hand" with Zac.  If he didn't, I wouldn't throw it and he loved to fetch.  When he talked strangers into throwing for them, he would try dropping it and I would tell them to make him put it in their hand, so they would put their hand out, and he would drop it on one side of their hand and then the other, and they would say "almost, good dog", pick it up and throw it for him again.  Zac loved pimping people around and getting them to do what he wanted!

Murrray is not so much into fetching and I'm just glad when he brings it back at all, which depends on his mood.  I need to work on it more.

have a treat concealed in your hand?

I wish I could help, teaching Sam fetch was easy as pie! I held out both of my hands in his patch and pretty soon he figured out to put the ball there, and now he`ll find my hand so that he can give me the ball. Or not give, rather he wants to play tug games before he gives it over, but still! Maybe you should just take well enough as well enough? 

I can throw things and Poodeck goes after it.....but never pick it up.  Just kinda runs past it and on to a new adventure.


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