For a while now, Shelby has looked underweight. Is 20lb a normal weight for a corgi. She was also the runt of the littler. I feed her twice a day and she usually eats all of it. I am very worried for her because her ribs stick out a LOT. In absolutely no way have I ever mistreated or abused my wonderful little dog. Just last night, he wasacting very strangley and whinning. We could not determine the source of the problem. She curled up and went right back to bed. The whole event lasted less than a minute. She has been vomiting a lot recently. Please help me, I'm very worried and I am scheduling an appointment with our vet.

Update: She has been diagnosed with congenital kidney disease. Does anyone who of a way to make her more comfortable?

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This was just so unexpected. She's not even 2.
Agreed. We're feeding her homemade dog food now.
Dear Sam and Shelby, I am so sorry! Molly, Tig and I are sending lots of hugs and warm corgi kisses.


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