Baxter weighs roughly 21# and ate a sliver of onion Saturday afternoon.  His stool became soft Saturday night  and early Sunday, so I decided to give him some pumpkin and rice mixed with his kibble.  He was pooping frequently, and I noticed an orange coloration when he went potty.  Come 11 o'clock at night he was going every hour and at times even half hour.  There was blood every single time.  >_/p>

Took him to the vet early this morning and was informed that they did not see any signs of onion toxicity.  However, he was diagnosed with mild to moderate Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (Hge) and dehydration.  His hematocrit was somewhat elevated but lab works revealed normal protein levels and clotting time.  His stool samples came out negative as well.  He's on some antibiotics, probiotics, and prescription food (I/D).  They administered fluid under his skin before we left the clinic today to replenish the fluids he had lost.  He's not listless, lethargic, and only had one episode of dry heaving this morning.

I've read up on how quickly Hge can progress and horror stories about pet fatalities.  Baxter continues to have soft stool with drops of blood, although greatly reduced compared to last night.  He has an appetite for food and does not appear to be depressed.  Has anyone had experience with Hge, especially mild to moderate cases as the vet had diagnosed Baxter width?  Any recommendations or tips on what to expect?

Baxter was never really fond of water, so I'm concerned about his hydration.  He didn't like the gatorade/water mixture that was recommended by the vet.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Much thanks!

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Baxter is doing much better and is on his way to recovering fully.  He's finally able to sleep through most of the night, instead of getting up every half hour to do his business.  I kept pulling on the skin around his neck to monitor his hydration levels and it bounced back to its resting posture in about 2-3 seconds.  His gums were pretty dry and were a light to medium pink color before the vet gave him his second round of subcutaneous fluids.  He's on about a week's course of Flagyl and Proviable.  After his second vet visit, they gave him a shot for his nausea and sent us home with Cerenia x 2 (once a day).  He's eating now and drinking water on his own.  He's on the prescription, canned food until Monday.  This helped to ease my mind.  Thank you!

I have a shepherd that has horrible food and other allergies and would have diarrhea with blood in it also.  When that happened, I took away his regular food and just fed him rice with yams, mixed with water to take away the dryness.  I later found out that pumpkin also works well!  It would take a couple days before he would get back to normal and when he would go, it was very orange.  I hope Baxter recovers soon.  My vet told me that the blood I was seeing in his stool was because of irritation to his insides from the diarrhea caused by his allergies.   I also belong to a shepherd forum and was advised by more than one member to start giving my shepherd probiotics.  I didn't even know what those were so I researched and I found some and my boy has been on it for a few weeks now and I swear by it!  He has not had one bout of diarrhea since and he was so prone to this.  Just another tidbit.  I don't know if the corgi owners use this or not.  I haven't given any to my Ella but it sure helps my shepherd. 

The vet gave Baxter around a week's worth of probiotics.  His stool is beginning to harden, and he's not going as frequently anymore.  I was freaking out after the first day, and the vet had to reassure me that it takes about 24-48 hours for recovery.  Sure enough, by the third day he was showing signs of getting better.  I'll have to keep monitoring Baxter and his food.  He's eating grain-free kibble, Taste of the Wild.  I haven't picked up on any signs of allergies; he usually just inhales his food.  ^_^

So happy to hear Baxter is doing better! Much Corgi love from me, Pippin, and Hunter and Tanner too!


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