Any information we can pull together to see who is successfully herding with corgis. It isn't easy, but some people are doing it. Who are they and how might they assist us?

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Scott & Kathy Wiley

don't miss their videos

We have been to this place with our corgis and had them herding instinct tested when the annual test is sponsored by the Golden Gate PWC Fanciers club.  It's in Santa Rosa. One of our dogs didn't pass - she just wanted to eat the sheep dung - and the other one has passed twice.  There are some people who have continued the training, although we have not.  I've met this person, Tony Hung, and he has done quite a bit of training with his corgis.  I found this article about him  If I had the time, some sheep, and the $, I think it would be a fun hobby for my daughter and me and of course the dogs.  We will probably bring our new pup there next fall to be tested.

Thanks for this, I'll check it out. Ranger would love to do cattle, but really, too scary for me. I know he's built low so should avoid kicks, but the results of a kick would be too catastrophic, so we stick to sheep. 

Ranger just rolled in the dirt when we went to the trial...he behaved like he never does at "home," where we train. Of course it was over 100 degrees in the shade, so that might have had something to do with it.

I'll go check out those videos, Thank you!


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