Max get treats once in awhile. He has taken to hiding them in strange and unusual places, Does anyone elses corgi do this? He has hidden them behind the toilet, behind chair legs, on short end tables etc

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I just went in my bed room and there on my bedside table was a treat.
haha yeah dragster does that too. its so cute. we were moving in a bunch of boxes one day and he hid them in the moving boxes. he hides them behind the toilet also and under my bed sheets :D
The thing is I don't know how he got it on the bedside table. His bed is in front of it. My bed is high and so is the table and he's not that big. Help from the faries maybe? LOL
Chloe attempts to hide her food also. She'll take a small bite of kibble, go into another room and usually near a corner put her food there. Then, she take her nose and try and cover up the food and hide it. But, of course, Duncan has followed right behind her and as soon as she leaves, he eats it up.
Mine has never done least not yet?
Caleb does this with his rawhide bone!! He hides it in his doggie bed, under a blanket behind my chair, on his pillow in my bedroom, behind the fish tank, in between the floor heater and the paper shredder behind the kitchen table... once, he tried to cram it in the couch cushions until i caught him on the couch and shooed him off. It is the funniest thing I have ever seen. He gets this worried look on his face every time he decides it's time to re-hide the bone.
Thanks everyone I do love these litlle guts.
Wow. You have a Corgi that doesn't instantly inhale a treat? Theo eats his so fast that I think he wants me to think I never gave him one, so I would give him another. :p Seriously, there is no chewing involved. Are they large treats, or bite size?
They're not big ones .made for small dogs.


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