I've discovered that Toby likes to play hide and seek with me.  When I chase him around our apartment, I'll randomly hide behind a door or in a closet.  He'll come looking for me.  The cutest thing is when I pick a good spot and he searches room by room.  He is smart because he always checks my previous hiding spot first.  When he finds me, he barks at me until I leave my spot.  Sometimes he whines when he can't find me and it is the cutest.  Does anyone else do this?

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Yes, I do this with Jackons all the time. Its great exercise for him with all the running and great for me because I can't stop laughing at him.
This was Brody's favorite game, doesn't work as well now with Lillie - she just "doesn't get it" - she'd rather play fetch which Brody doesn't do... go figure
Kenji loves playing this game. We recently just purchased a little 3/2 house and when we play we would have to try and switch out our hiding spots. He'll always try and find us in spots where we've been in the past.
My gang loves to play hide n seek. I make them stay in the kitchen and then my daughter and I hide...its like a stampede coming up those stairs and they run from room to room pushing doors open and looking under the beds. Its funny and oh boy look out once they find you...all the corgiese talk and jumping on you. Its a blast!!!
I play this with Noodles quite often and I can't stop laughing when I hear him running up and down the stairs and from room to room. If Noodles can't find me, he will sit down at the top of the stairs and start crying. I can't possibly remain hidden while he is crying, so I pop out and he is so thrilled to see me. He jumps up on me and then starts giving me kisses.
Yup, Iz and I love hide and seek. She's so cute about it!


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