I cannot figure this out for the life of me how to register Lucy on the AKC and ACA websites. They are confusing me!

When we got Lucy she came with a "Certificate of Pedigree" that has her family tree 5 generations back. The top of the certificate has the Breed, Breeder, Color, Whelped Date, Sex and Reg No. And on the bottom of the paper there is a little statement saying "Registered under the American Canine Association, Inc".

How do I enter her into the system and give her an official, registered name? These websites have paperwork but only for newly whelped litters. Is there a way to verify that she is registered? Has anyone else had this problem? Can you help me?

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You can register a dog with the AKC only if the mother, father and litter are already registered with the AKC. If you don't have the necessary paperwork, contact your breeder for more information. The breeder should be able to provide an application for the AKC that features all the information you need to register.
Fill out the form online or complete a paper copy. To register a dog with the AKC, you need to supply some information. You should include the sex of the dog, her color and markings, registration type, transfer date, the name and address of owner, signatures of all litter owners and possibly information to obtain a pedigree.
Pay any necessary fees to register your dog with the AKC.
Wait to receive your AKC registration certificate. This can take several months.
Review the certificate for accuracy. If you find any problems, contact the AKC directly to order another certificate.


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