if they live in a town with no meet up groups, dog park, or dog day care and so on? I really want Loki to be able to run and play with other dogs but that doesn't seem to be much of an option where I live. Is there a way around this sad fact?

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Any pet stores around? Vet offices? See if you can meet other owners and plan going to each others houses for playdates. How close is the nearest dog park. I used to live in a town with the same problem. But I made myself drive one hour and a half to the closest dog park every two weeks. Also in my vet office I was talking to a lady with two labs, that had a backyard and she kindly invited me and my dogs several times for playdates. Any trails, public areas, stores that allow pets?

Hope you find a solution. Good luck!
Take him for walks every day. Is he reliable with being petted? When kids or people look at him and smile, say "Would you like to pet him?" For adults, throw in "He's new and we're socializing him" and it makes them feel helpful. WIth little kids, you can crouch down next to Loki and scratch him in a favorite place and coo "Goooodd booyyy" to him in a soft voice so if the kids screech or jump it won't be frightening to him.

Load him in the car and take him to a petstore, or a park. Go by playgrounds, take him to an outdoor cafe or the courthouse square. Go hiking, walk by the little league field.

Take him to a group training class and see if you can hook up with anyone there for play-dates. Take him to the vet's office and give him a treat while he's there and then walk him back out again (just watch as many dogs at the vet's are nervous and therefore more likely to snap).

Sit on a park bench and smile at people as they go by. If they look interested, ask if they'd like to meet your dog.

If you have a large regular park, poke around in the morning or evening; you may find tucked-away areas where people let their dogs play, even if it's not an official "dog park."

Good luck!
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