Hey everyone. Rhys is 11 weeks old today, and we introduced the Buster Cube to him 3 days ago. He isn't getting it. My husband and I have demonstrated it for him, but we think he is scared of it. Every time he gets near it, he jumps away. I was wondering if anyone else had this experience, and how long did it take your corgi to figure out the Buster Cube? Also, is there another way I can get him to use it? I did put peanut butter on one side trying to get him to lick so hard he flipped the cube, but he was a delicate lick-er (for once), so that didn't work as planned. :D Thanks everyone!

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Kiwi is 1.5 years and she mastered it within 30 minutes of giving it to her. Orzo on he other hand is 6 months, and he doesn't get it...he barks at it...that's about it, he depends on us to push it for him...so it might take him a little while before he really gets the hold of it. Good luck
Miranda loves her kong, that is a great biginnner toy. Or you could try one of those plush toys where it is 5 toys in one. It is a bird house with birds in it and the dog gets to pull them out and wrestle them. That is something I am getting our Puppy for Xmas.
My corgi, Conan, uses one of the rubber dispensing treat balls for every meal. He has used it since he was about 6 mos. and loves it. You can hear him pushing it all around the house. He will not eat without it. We lost it one time and he kept looking at me like I was insane for serving him food in a bowl. Inevitably, one piece of food always seems to remain in the bottom, so it serves as an intriguing toy in between meal times.


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