Hi everyone! I need some advice on how to properly acclimate two corgis that will be living together. Here’s the situation: I have a nearly 2 year old female corgi, Isabelle, and we are moving in with my parents for a while who have an 8 year old male corgi, Corky. Corky is a bit of a loner and purchased from a pet store at around 4 months old, so we can only imagine what his life was like until my parents got him. He is not too friendly with other dogs- kind of territorial and aggressive. Isabelle, on the other hand, is very well socialized with other dogs and people (she’s been through obedience school), and enjoys playing with other dogs, although she can be an alpha female about it and bossy. So, beyond having them meet on neutral territory, how do we get these two to live in harmony? They did meet briefly over the summer- they were leashed and walked beside one another, completely aloof to the other after initial sniffs. It wasn’t until my mom came outside to say hello that Corky got possessive and protective (over my mom?) and lunged at Isabelle’s neck, snarling and growling. Sorry for the long post, I just want to ensure this goes well for both dogs! 

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Hi Samantha, this should answer your question.
Thanks, Sam! I will give it a go and hopefully it will be a smoother transition than their first meeting.


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