My Pup "Rocky"  was just neutered yesterday----it has been quite a challenge to keep him from running, jumping etc.    Does anyone have any suggestions?    

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Good luck. Ella came home from her spaying wanting to go for a run and play ball. The vet's office gave me two pain pills for her to take that day, which helped her sleep a little, but she still wanted to run and jump.
Gromit was groggy when we first brought him home but after a few hours he was ready to play again. If you need to set up a pen or put Rocky on a leash. The main thing is to keep him from doing "stretchy" things that will put a strain on the stitches. A bit of running, some easy playing, shouldn't be a big deal. Licking at the incision is a bigger worry, I think. We kept Gromit off of steps and such for a few days, helped him up and down as needed, but he bounced back a lot quicker than we humans would, no doubt about it. BTW, Rocky is a handsome fellow, he looks like a barrel of fun.


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