So I have a Cardi (Female) who is 33 lbs and I keep being told she is overweight and now someone said she is obese. She was getting a cup a day of purina pro plan select and now is on California Natural weight control. How fast do they lose weight?. She does get exercise mostly everyday but I feel bad if I cut back on her food.I feel like I am starving her. I have tried using green beans/ rice but nothing seems to help. She does get the occasional lamb jerky or a rawhide but no table scrapes Any suggestions?.

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So Malibu went to the vet yesterday for a 2 year checkup and I decided to have a complete blood work up done( wow expensive). Anyway I was told she was a little over weight. He said she could lose 4-5 pounds. He wasn't overly concerned right now. She weighed in at 32.6 lbs. She has been eating well good bowel movements. today he called with the lab results. Her thyroid was fine but her white count was up and her blood sugar was a little low and her labs for pancreatitis were elevated. She has no signs or symptoms for pancreatitis. So he is going to put her on antibiotics for 10 days and recheck. ( hope the repeat blood work doesn't cost the same. SO I will keep people posted. She is now almost totally on California Natural Weight Control. She gets a 1/2 cup in the am and 1/4 cup at night with come green beans. Hoping there is nothing too wrong and it is just something small. Thanks again for everyone who has commented so far.


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