How to train a corgi that some areas are forbidden?


It's highly possible that next month I'll have my very first corgi ^^!

Right now I'm trying to prepare the best I can. So my first question is: can I train a dog not to go somewhere in my apartment (at least not when it's alone)? My place has two levels, with my bedroom upstairs, and they're connected with a steep radial stairs. I thought the dog will sleep in the bedroom, but now I'm concerned about it's health. Of course I can carry it upstairs or downstairs but what about time I'm not home? I'm afraid something wrong may happen :(.

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when you aren't able to supervise the pup or wont be home that is when you will want to crate him/her.  Crate Training is the way to go for sure :)

Why not crate train? I crate my dogs when I leave because I know they will get into things, and even when home Pilot has attempted to eat some dangerous things; razors blades. If you're worried about corgis in general with stairs, As puppies yes, stairs just aren't going to happen but full grown corgis are more then capable of maneuvering stairs, just need to help them as with any other dog, to learn how to go up and down ( up is easy....down, not to much, Lemmy landed on his face a few times haha.)
Congrats! And best of luck!

Now that Molly is really getting potty training, we've started to leave her in her play pen when we're not home, she's done really well with it so far! Knock on wood.

But I don't really see myself letting her roam on her own until she's about a year old, I still get nervous when she's out of her pen and on the floor


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