Hey everyone! I'm new to this whole discussion thing but any suggestions would be really helpful! Last night we had some friends over and someone was playing with my 3 year old corgi Chevy. Well as many of you know corgi's love to play and mine wont stop until we make him. Anyway when he was playing he jumped to catch the toy and came down kinda hard on his hip. Now in the morning he is walking with a hunch in the middle of his back. We are going to wait until tomorrow to see how he's doing and then make a vet appointment (it's Sunday today) but on other discussions I've read about a nerve that can get pinched but it doesn't show up on x-ray. So i guess what I'm asking is if anyone has any suggestions of what had happened and how can i explain it to me vet?! Thanks

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Oh my, a slipped disc....poor Chevy. Well, keep us informed on how he is doing. Give him lots of gentle hugs and kisses.
I am so sorry to read about your pups injury. You will be in our prayers that he will be feeling better soon. Did the vet say that the disc would relocate? will it go back in place when the inflammation goes down? please let us know. I am so sorry.. I felt so bad to read about it. It made me hurt. Let us know. Love, Gail & Gizmo
he seems to be doing fine with the muscle relaxers. wants to play SOOOO bad! but we still have orders to restrict what he does. thanks for your concern!
Sarah, what's the latest on Chevy? Hope he's doing better.


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