I took Mitzie Mouse in for double surgery this morning.  Finally got the spay done, and she had a tooth out at the same time.  She was so happy, "I'm going for a car ride with you BY MYSELF??!?!??" 

8hrs later, she came out of the kennel at the vet's office so loopy she could barely keep her head up.  I took her out to let her go potty before we got in the car, and all she did was sit down and eat snow.  I carried her up the 3 flights of stairs to our apartment, put a fresh blankie in her kennel.  I gave her the meds with a dollop of peanut butter, and she muscled it down, but it was like watching her try to eat broken glass.  So we did some experimenting before the bedtime meds, and we found out that slightly softened cream cheese goes down the easiest, in case you ever find yourself in that particular pickle. 

She's just so miserable and dopey, I just want to curl up with her and hold her.  It has to be the equivalent of going on vacation to Brazil, having a drink, and waking up in a bathtub missing a kidney.  *sigh*  Just had to explain myself to someone who might understand..


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tho i haven't yet had to do this myself, i totally understand how you feel. 

Love the kidney analogy! Hope Mitzie is feeling better soon! :)

I actually have decided to not get any more females partially because I never want to go through another spay again! My poor chihuahua was so pathetic and miserable when I brought her home from her spay, and to make it worse she always reacts to the anesthetic so she gets bad diarhea for the next day or two so she has to get up and go potty multiple times even though it was be torture getting up and walking. I actually slept on the floor with her the first night because she had to get up so much I didn't want her trying to jump off the bed. There is light at the end of the tunnel though! At about day 3 she was her perky self again and then I was giving the pain meds mostly because they had a sedative too! Lol. So sad to watch them suffer though.

LOL... Poor little thing, but I have to laught at the kidney visualization.  I completely understand having my 1st puppy, Hershi spaid.  So pitiful when she came home.  Her vet did keep her overnight so she wasn't as groggy.


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