How cool is that!  Just for the heck of it, I sent Jeli's breeder an email just to give her an update on Jeli's life and adventures.  She wrote back and told me about two of Jeli's siblings that I could find on Facebook.  They are Archie the Handsome Fluffy Corgi, who has his very own facebook page, and his sisfur Vicca.  It was so cool to see/meet them.  So, now I'm wondering if there might be other siblings that frequent this forum.  Jeli's Mom had 10 puppies, the breeder kept one, I found two others, so that means there are 6 out there to find.  Of course, I could probably just contact the breeder and ask, but I thought this might be more fun. :)


So are any of you owned by a corgi born on February 10, 2013, in the state of GA?   

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How cool to find some of his siblings! Hope you can find others.


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