Do you ever just get totally overwhelmed with the love you have for your corgi? Sometimes when Franklin is just hanging out next to me I just have to give him a big ole hug and kisses. He of course LOVES the attention and will climb in my lap and then proceed to find the nearest toy to play with. He is just the most wonderful little guy in the world and makes me so happy. You just can't have a bad day with a dog like him.

Then there's Kirby lol. I know we will get there one day. But the love between him and Franklin makes it so worth all the pain and frustration. Getting ready in the morning with the two corgis zooming through the house and cooking dinner at night with them wrestling in the living room is exactly the reason I got Kirby. I feel like we aren't taking as many steps backwards as we had been over the last few months and I hope the next few months will bring a more calm/relaxed/obedient boy and a much happier me.

Today was just one of those busy awful days following a really stressful week at work where all was made ok again when I walked in the door and was greeted by a wagging nubbin and a baroooooo from Franklin. I just can't imagine what my world would be like without him. He's just such a happy goofy boy that you can't be upset when you are around him.

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This is an awesome post. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I get very happy too after a long day of work and I see Coco just sitting there waiting and wagging her little butt.
Having 1 corgi was fun, but 2 is double everything X2. I too am familiar with the experience of welling up with love for these amazing animals. Their love is unconditional. They perceive my moods & act accordingly. I don't know what I would do without them! I know this is a weird & hard thing to admit, but I actually think that on many levels I love them more then my 2 kids. They don't disappoint or cause me pain. They are always there for me and would do anything for me. I do love my children. Don't think I'm this horrible mom. My kids are grown & on their own, so I think the Corgis have sort of filled the spots left vacant. By the way, both kids also love my Corgis

I have a lot of moments like that with Yuki, especially since he has been improving by leaps and bounds due to the training classes we attend.  I get all snuggly with Ellie, too, but Yuki and I have a special bond.  Maybe it's because he's my first dog (first dog I owned on my own, that is) or because we've been together longer than I have with Ellie.  Quite a bit has to do with how (usually) mellow Yuki is.  His goal in life is to please me and he works very hard to do so.  And even now, at 7:30 in the morning, he didn't follow my husband and children downstairs to play and get his breakfast.  Instead, he has stayed upstairs with me and is just curled up against my thigh, dozing.

Now that I think about it, my dogs play different roles in my life.  Yuki is my comfort while Ellie is my energy.  Ellie got me out walking again, which has done great things for my energy level and overall mood, and provides me with comedic relief in the way that only a corgi can.  :)  She does have times every day where she wants to sit next to me or climb onto my lap and cuddle, but she's more of a get-up-and-go kind of girl.  She has reminded me of my love for gardening and the outdoors and will always hold a special place in my life because of that.

Franklin totally was my energy as well. Before I got him I would be content on my days off to just hang around the house, read a book, or watch tv. I was living in San Francisco at the time where there is so much to see and do so I was missing out by not getting out and exploring the area. After getting him our daily trips to the beach before work and walks after work really got me into a routine of getting out and about and seeking new hiking trails and fun beaches. Now if I have a day off of work or when I had short days at school I would feel as wound up as he probably did and NEED to get out for a walk or a trip to the river or just go SOMEWHERE. I can no longer hang out in the house for any length of time without getting cabin fever and am constantly looking for new trails to explore. If I can't find a friend to go with me its always nice to know I have the dogs and they will enjoy exploring a new area as much as I do! 

So good to hear things are going better for you, Melissa! And I totally relate. Sometimes I look at Brodie (who is the cuddler) and just tear up because I love him so much and can barely remember what I did to get by without him! Other times I laugh so hard as he and Kadi go zooming through the house, 'skittering' on the slick flooring down the hall like cartoon characters! I am soooooo glad we have two instead of just one! They can exercise each other more in 5 minutes of FRAPing than we can do with one of them in two hours! They just make everything else in life worth it!

I love this post!  Corgis can sometimes be a handful, but they more then make up for it with all the smiles and love they bring! I so look forward to getting home in the evening and seeing their smiling faces!  I can't imagine our lives without my two crazy babies!

I feel less weird now. I have moments like that all the time. My husband is constantly laughing at me because mid walk I will stop and say "I can't believe we actually have two of them!". I wish Pippa wasn't so resistant to any kind of obedience training, but other than that they are just so perfect to me. I tell everyone that I have 5 kids instead of 3, because they are such a huge part of our family!

Rachel... I do the exact same thing!  We'll be walking the dogs and I'll exclaim (for the 1000th time), "I can't believe we have 2 corgis!  Aren't we lucky?  Aren't they the most wonderful dogs ever?"  Then I feel a little guilty and remind my husband that I dearly loved all of our previous animals (2 dogs and 3 cats that were ours, and all the many dogs and cats I grew up with), but that the corgis are just extra-special somehow.  I just feel such happiness well up inside of me when I look at them.  Ours are both adult rescues, and I was amazed at how quickly we formed such a deep bond with them (and they with us).  

I adore my two to pieces. I used to only be a one at a time person, but now with these two, I call it "Corgi Chaos!" I couldn't imagine it any different. Tucker and Abby are as different as night and a day. Tucker is my goofy little boy too. Abby is more independent, and she's silly too, but not as clingy as Tucker is. I often tell him that he is my favorite. I almost feel bad saying that, because I have loved them all so much, but he is just so special. He keeps me going.


haha, Corgi Chaos definitely describes it!

What a wonderful post, Melissa!  And bless your heart for hanging in there with Kirby.  Franklin is one in a million.


I know exactly how everyone feels.  I really never thought I would love a dog this much.  My family had Hershi (our lab / beagle / aussie / etc.) and I love her but she has always been my mom's dog.  She gravitated toward her since I was in middle school when we got her. 

Now I have MY Scout.  She is stuck to my side like glue, always aware of what I am doing, how I am feeling, and what I am eating LOL.  Whenever I am on my way home from work I can't wait until I open the door and see my little dog and hear her arooo! at me to say hello. 

There's just so much that they do for us and don't ask for anything in return that it is impossible not to have these feelings.  Scout has to be my heart dog, and how much that has to do with her being the very first dog I've had by myself, I will never know.  She's helped me through so much already and I look forward to the hopefully many years to come.


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