Today I tried to add a comment to Vicky's post on coyotes, but it got deleted, so I tried again. The caption I'M NOT A ROBOT came up, I checked the square.  That caused a test to come up with photos to identify.  I tried and failed.  More photos... too challenging for my poor eyesight.  Who came up with this?!?  It  may be time for me to say goodby.

Just in case my post goes through, here was my comment for you, Vicky:

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Huh...I haven't had anything like that happen and I just replied to a post.  I hope it was just a freak thing.  Don't want you to leave us.  You have a lot of knowledge and I know there are many who would benefit from it.

I tried several different times, and it kept happening. This morning, no problem replying to you. We shall see  Would be nice to know from Sam if the site is making changes.  How many Robots have an interest in masquerading as a Corgi owner on our site?  I hope it was a fluke, not a preview of things to come....  It's not that I want to leave in protest, it's that my eyesight cannot handle that type of test.

Hi Anna, it is just a precaution from the system, to prevent spam bot from posting the same ad to members. It might have been a spotty connection that lead you to post multiple times, that might have triggered the test :)

It must have been a security feature, to make sure it was not a spam bot. no worries.

Thank you Sam, that's good news, I really like being a part of MyCorgi and am glad to hear this will not become routine. Hope all is well with you.

No worries, we're doing ok :) Hope you're having a good year so far!


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