My little Baxter is roughly 5 months old.  Lately, I've been noticing that when he's falling asleep and during the first initial moments of his sleep state, he has been exhibiting some panting/accelerated breathing rate behaviors.  It typically stops once he's in deep sleep, but I was curious about this.  I know puppies typically do this but at what age do they develop a slower, adult breathing pattern?


He's very energetic during walks but has tendencies to sit in the middle of the trail.  I attribute this more to behaviors rather than fatigue because he's done this 3 minutes into our walks and still has energy to run around after 20 minutes.  


No vomiting, diarrhea, or other health concerns.  Thanks for any assistance/insight you might provide! 

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If he isn't breathing heavily during exercise, the sleep stuff may not mean anything.  I had a fluffy

that couldn't seem to cool herself in the normal way, so I ended up clipping her in warm weather.

My fluffy puppy did the same from when we picked her up (9wks old) til she was about 7 months old. I talked to the vet about it, he had a look at her, but he didn't seem to concerned and said that some puppies just have faster respiratory patterns than others.


She used to stress me out, watching her sleep and breathing so fast!!


(oh, and as Lois did, we clipped her leading into summer. It's grown back now (we're in autumn) but she seemed to be much cooler, less seeking out the shade, when we did).


Wishing Baxter and you well.


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