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My roommate & her pup are moving out to live with her fiance and now my dog won't have a constant playmate anymore. :(  So I want to get him some new toys that will help mentally stimulate him to get out that extra energy. Side note, he get 4-5 walks a day so he does get a good amount of exercise! Anyway I have a basic Kong and a toy from busy buddy called Kibble Nibble, but I wanted to see if anyone had any other suggestions? As anyone tried the everlasting treat ball? Any thoughts/ideas would be great! thanks :)

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I've tried the everlasting treat and my girl Boo can literally pop the treat out of the toy insert which kind of defeats the point. I thought that it was pretty expensive for how fast she got the treat out. Corgis are so smart that it doesn't take them long to figure those toys out!

I did buy the Kong Genius (the cylynder one) during Christmas time and I stuff that with treats, it seems to take her longer to work the treats out of that than the kibble nibble type toys (we have the kong brand of that as well). Good luck!

I went through the same thing when I moved a few years ago. Franklin adjusted well to me going back to school and not taking him (he was used to going to work with me during the day and having another dog around at home). I have a ton of interactive toys. My favorites are the Omega Treat Ball (which he gets fed in every night), and the Kong Genius that is cylinder shaped which he gets treats in when I leave for work. Here's a link to a similar discussion where I've posted links to all the toys Franklin has that I like:


The everlasting treat toys are kind of a waste for the actual "everlasting treat" but I used to cut up jumbone and shove pieces into the everlasting toys, takes FOREVER to get out. The hydrant one seems the most sturdy (I have pretty much all of them). I used the big kong bone and stuffed pieces of dentastix in each end which are also hard to get out.

I would only feed about 1/4 of Frank's kibble to him in the morning before I left and the other 3/4 would go in interactive toys for him to eat when I left the house. He gets 3 pieces of Hills T/D kibble with each meal which I stuffed in the everlasting treat toys. This kept him busy while I left and taught him me leaving means yummy treats. Now he could care less when I leave the house.

Haven't gotten this toy but it seems pretty "mentally stimulated" & appears to have good rating on amazon. Busy buddy tug a jug http://www.amazon.com/PetSafe-Premier-Buddy-Tug-A-Jug-Medium/dp/B00...

The tug a jug is the only toy Snickers was not able to figure out. We cut out the rope and just use if for a dinner dispenser. I recently got this purple football. It is great!


I cram a small dental chew like DentaStix, or the Authority Dental sticks and it takes quite some time to get it out, and Snickers has not been able to damage it at all. I do the same cramming with a medium Occupi, but it is just luck whether they get the treat out easily with that one.

I read a trick for the Everlasting- get the treat disk wet before slipping it into the ball, then wait until it is dry before giving it to the dog. Snickers loves it and will chew on it until it is gone, so I take it away after a while, because it seems like too much treat for one day. Everlasting treat ball above, Occupi belowWe also have several of the Kong Genius hooked together which makes meal time last a little longer. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61JEEOtkHQL._SL1200_.jpg

I have several for Becca. I try to rotate which she gets. We have both types of the Kong genius the cylinder and the bowling pin. There is a Kong ball that is spiky, it has small spaces to stuff treats. She got a IQ ball for Christmas, but I found it needs supervision. She has two by Busy Buddy, a green dumbell (too easy) and a purple one that looks like a ufo. The purple on screws together. It took a long time for her to initially figure it out. I have a few balls that dispense treats as well, but don't know the brands.

I also have two regular Kongs that I stuff and freeze. Freezing them makes them last longer.

Thanks everyone for all the responses! I'm going to get a few of these to try out :) I appreciate it (as will Scooter)!


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