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I am planning to go to Hong Kong next few months and planning to stay there for a month or two. However, I am not comfortable the idea that my 5 months old corgi stays in the states while Im out of the states. So I am planning to bring him with me. I wondered if anyone has flown with a corgi overseas. If so, what airline would you prefer. I recently have read lots of horrible news of how the cargo staffs treat the pets, and Im worried, especially this is gonna be an international flight. 

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Boy, I haven't gone international with my boy but I have had excellent experience with Alaska Airlines. I hear Delta does decent too with pets. How long will you be gone for? Is he small enough to travel in the cabin with you? I've flown 24 hours before with the connecting flights and all. I make sure that all flights are confirmed ok for pets In baggage before I fly.

He is now 5 months old and about 20 pounds. I am planning to stay there about a month if its possible. I really want to bring me with me in the cabin, instead of sending him with the cargo. Since he is so big, like a adult already, thats why Im worried if he has to send to the cargo.

Boy, if it were me I wouldn't hassle with all the international paperwork and such for one month.
But, if you're rather stuck on the idea begin talking to your vet now. At 5 months your boy hasn't had a Rabies vaccination and they may require certain tests or other vaccinations. You will most certainly need Health Certificates.
The airlines don't suggest that you sedate or give anything to dogs flying. Mostly because if something goes wrong, no one is there to help (in baggage anyhow).
Bring the pup and his carry on crate to the airport and see if it passes their under seat requirements.
Check out this site http://www.pettravel.com/immigration/hongkong.cfm

He already had his rabies and up-to date shots, so he is fine with everything. All I need probably just bring him to the Vet and get that health certificate. It sounds like any pet travel to HK has to send to the cargo section. But I will definitely double check with it! Thanks again! 

I think the safest thing would be to try and bring him in the cabin with you.  At 5 months, he should be small enough to.  I see in your comments that he is already 20 lbs; it should be fine, I was worried about it but no one weighed mine, I think they just estimate.  

I haven't flown internationally, only domestic flights.

1)  I used a Sherpa, size Large.  I tried a medium and I was practically trying to squish my corgi in there.  Large was good for us, and soft sides means you can collapse it to fit under the seat in front of you.  Try to get him/her used to it before the trip.  Leave it around the house and try to have him/her comfortable in the Sherpa and eventually trying to zip it up while still comfortable.  

2)  I looked up travel calm tablets.  My vet ended up giving us some sedative medication (acepromazine) to give prior to the trip.  It worked well.  

We've only taken a couple of trips, but so far, so good.  We used Southwest, but obviously they don't fly internationally; sorry can't help out on this one.  

Good luck and safe/happy travels!

Thanks for the comment. Those are really good idea. I probably need to measure him up soon cuz I feel like he is getting longer! 

Will your corgi actually be over 5 months by the time you arrive in HK? I've read that you're actually not allowed to bring in a dog or a cat that's less that 5 months old or more than 4 weeks pregnant. Also, from what I've read, it sounds like you can only bring in your corgi (or any dog or cat for that matter) as manifested cargo only (ie bringing him in as hand-carried baggage is not allowed). I briefly considered bringing my corgi back with me to HK when I was going to go for a month but after reading about all the hoops I'd have to jump through, I decided to leave him with family instead.

I suggest taking a look at this HK official website: http://www.afcd.gov.hk/english/quarantine/qua_ie/qua_ie_ipab/qua_ie... specifically, this document http://www.afcd.gov.hk/english/quarantine/qua_ie/qua_ie_ipab/qua_ie... before you get too far in your research in terms of which airline to fly with.  

Best of luck.

He is actually 5 months now. I think you are probably right; he can only arrived as a cargo section there. I now need to think of leaving him here or taking the risk. But thanks for the comment! 

^_^* you could send him to stay with me and Buddha in MN for a month. He'd have an old man to pester and then I could get puppy time lol since my fiancé won't let me get another puppy.

Thanks, but the reason of why I wanna bring him with me is because I don't wanna stay him in the states alone while Im out of the states. 

I understand. I think when I boarded Buddha for 4 days I worried about him every day but the kennel staff said he did really good and had fun playing. We worry too much sometimes as pet owners, more than I think some human child bearing people do LoL
Let us all know what you end up doing and how you had to go through all the paperwork, Special stuff you had to do, arrival, and departure in Hong Kong. It may help others in the future.

One Christmas we took our corgi and Scotty from San Deigo to New Hampshire,  Flew on Delta that included a stop over and change of planes, but the dogs traveled without any problems.  Delta confirmed that the pets were on board before we took off.  

I don't think you'll be able to fit a corgi in an under the seat carrier, so will have to go cargo.  We took them to the vet and got health/vaccinations certificates before hand, and she suggested that we not tranqualize them, as then they might have trouble regulating their body tempeture.  We just gave them a couple of big, heavy towels so they could burrow under them if they wanted.  They also had a sweater, but the corgi had wiggled out of his.  Neither dog seemed upset or troubled by the flight.

What are you going to do with your corgi in Hong Kong? (buy the way, visited HK several years ago and never saw a dog the whole week we were there).  This almost sounds like more trouble than it's worth because of the international aspect.

How about a friend to dog sit for month?


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