Hi Everyone,

I am new here and new to corgis so I would really really appreciate your thoughts. In advance I apologize for the essay.

My background:

I have always loved animals since I was young, be it chicken, rabbits, cats, turtles, dogs, etc. I have always lived with dogs during childhood although I did not personally take full responsibility of it, we usually share between each family member, currently I take full responsibility owning a rabbit. so if i own a dog it will be the first time I take full responsibility for it.

How I came to love corgi:

as mentioned I have always loved dogs regardless of the breed, although big-giant breed size does intimidate me a little, but I never favor/obsessed a certain breed. However! as soon as I saw a corgi I feel "this is the one!"

My situation:

I want to have a dog (pretty dead set on getting a corgi) in future when everything settle down. Since I currently do not have the time to have a dog and I want to make sure I own a dog responsibly and commit to give the best to it. So I have been researching literally almost everything about corgi including general guide to owning a dog. 

My problem:

After loads of research about corgi traits, I am confident I can handle with most of them except two:

STUBBORNESS and high pitched BARKING

1> stubbornness, I know that proper training can "fix" this problem and that establishing the pack leader role is essential, however I found that a lot of people here even the most experienced one on corgi has problem with their stubbornness. for example planting feet on walks, ignoring commands....although I know this vary from dogs to dogs but betting entirely on "I hope I get the dog that obeys more that the other" is not a good plan. I want an obedient dog....

2> The reason why I avoid a small breed is because of their high pitched barking and I know that some corgis have really high pitched bark and that they bark A LOT. again, betting on getting a corgi that doesn't bark a lot is a unreliable gamble. I don't mind a low pitch bark, though.

So based on the 2 problem I mentioned, do you think a corgi is suitable for me? are these two setbacks workable? or are they a red flag as to not get a corgi? I really really really want one but I am might reluctantly drop the idea if you think a corgi is not suitable for me.

Ps: Pardon me if I say anything inappropriate, it is unintentional

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I prefer to call Murray "opinionated".  Most are quite obedient, but just have to test you on occasion to see if you REALLY mean it.  In my experience, the smaller the dog, the higher the bark, so you might want to stay away from the mini smaller boned type. Murray will bark to draw my attention to something but as soon as I acknowledge it and tell him thanks, be quiet, he generally shuts up.  Most the Corgis I've known do not just bark to hear themselves bark, but do talk...sometimes a lot.  I always made Zac lie down when he barked unnecessarily.  When he just couldn't control himself he would bark then self punish by lying down.  They make me laugh every day. 

hahahahhaha! I love when he "punish" himself! lol

Haha I love your comparison! that actually help me to get a better idea on what to expect from a corgi in contrast to other dog and I must say it assured me greatly!

Natsuhi..one of the tricks to having a well behaved Corgi is plenty of exercise for both mind and body, so they are definitely a commitment as compared to some other breeds. It's amazing how much they can learn if you just talk to them.  Murray and I compete in agility and that is a great activity for them.  He loves it and does well but sometimes gets so excited and goes so fast that he crashes into bars...regardless, we have quite a few titles and he has quite a fan club.  It's something to consider doing when you get your Corgi.

@judith Andre, Yes I am prepared to do so, Been looking at various training videos especially for corgis. also bought books about corgi etc. I even made a list of the commands & tricks I will want to teach him, for example go get me beer from the drawer :P and many more. It is fun to think about but of course needs a lot of work to get there lol. I really respect every corgi owner here, you all have done such a great job and become my inspiration <3

Of course it's suitable! Just like any breed, corgi can be barky (is that a word?), aggressive or disobedient. Make sure you start training them the day you get them, be patient, and be consistent in your training. They rank pretty high on dog intelligence which means they learn tricks fast and they listen to human. Mine is borderline stalker to me. He always follow me around and always tries to please me (even when he can't perform a trick ;) Good luck!


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