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The breeder sent me a picture of the mother, but i'm not too sure if it's a Corgi. I could be dead wrong.
Looks like a Pembroke Welsh Corgi to me. :-)
Thanks, Beth. I ask because i heard around that if the dog has too much White, it's not a Corgi. This is the only picture i was sent, so i can't see the outside of the body. Excuse my lack of "Corgi knowledge". =)
Too much white can make it a "mismark" and not allowed in the show ring, but does not signify it's not a Corgi.

I believe the amount of white on chest and face appears acceptable to me; I can't see the rest of it, of course!
Looks like a corgi to me. Here's the definitive test:
Look into its eyes. If you start feeling your own volition dissolving and bending to its will (you'll probably start getting a treat or a toy for it), it's a corgi.
The eye test works every time :), there's something about a corgi's face that just melts the heart.
My Ella also has a lot of white on her, not as much as this little one does but I've seen plenty of corgis with lots of white. The ears/eye look corgi to me.
That's a nice stocky little pembroke puppy :]


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