Do other Corgi owners feel the need to go to great extremes to assure their Corgi is super happy? I am beginning to wonder if I am becoming one of those excentric old I am making my bed this morning and adding Sir Tharros' three extra comforters so he can see out the window, nap in comfort with his little chin on a soft window sill covered with a small pillow...I say to myself "self-what exactly ARE you doing?" But there is something about this little dog that seems to not only have stolen my heart but my common sense, as well. I have had dogs all my life but I have never been so infatuated, in love and obsessed!
Is this a first time Corgi owner reaction?
Anyone willing to share if you do special things for your Corgi that some might label "extreme"?

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I just bought a king bed so he has more room to spread out...I am currently single but I couldn't imagine meeting someone and telling them there is no room for them because Monty uses that half of the bed:-). At least now there is a bit of room...I also feel bad when someone doesn't pet him and give him kisses especially when he looks at me to say "hey Mom, why don't they want to pet me"! I call their power over humans their Jedi Mind Tricks. People who haven't met him make fun of me and then they spend 5 minutes with him and they are sucked in and unable to resist his mind tricks!
Harrison does the same thing!! He even puts his ears down ready for them to pet him, but when they don't (which only happens with the runners at the park) he quickly turns to look at me like, "why don't they want to pet me?"  lol

well good to know I'm not the only one who is allowed to sleep on 1/3 of a king-sized bed...

sigh... I wouldn't have it any other way!

Just a sample of the interactive toys I have bought to keep Franklin happy. I too am absolutely obsessed and infatuated with my corgi! The fact that his happiness is top on my list (often above mine!) is pretty "extreme" to me. I won't even move him when he is laying in my spot on the bed.....I'll  end up squished in the corner as long as he is happy lol.

Lol, to me this is normal.  I used to think I did all those extra things because I do not have children yet but then I realized I do it because I love my puppy.  She gets new toys every 2 weeks, she has blankets, her own set of towels for bath time and when she comes in from the rain....but I do it because it's my way of reciprocating the happiness she gives me :)
If you seek group therapy for this condition, I am sure you will see some of us there.  "Hi, my name is _________, and I'm a Corgi spoiler."
we spoil all of our dogs as if they are children. For example, Merlin and Morgana both had bubble baths will full on massage, a good grooming session, and some toenail polish for Morgana.

yes its completely normal:) i cant begin to tell u how spoiled rotten and loved teddy is. every time i get paid, or the hubby, we go out and see what we can buy for my handsome teddy. he has so many toys to play with, the best food, he gets to go to the lake and the dog park at least 3 times a weeks along with two walks a day. he has three plush comforters for his crate and has other two beds. one next to my side of the bed and one so he can look out the french door and lay in the sun beam after his walks.

for his meals i always add something to his food so he has something different every night. also, i dont usually walk him on a collar because i tend to put my self in his shoes and wonder if his collar isnt comfortable so i bought him mesh harnesses so he could be more comfortable on his walks (silly i know)


this corgi is really my fur kid. i love him so much that i dont know what i would do if anything ever happened to him. i miss him while i am at work and cant wait to come home to see the little guy. we have such a wonderful bond that i can always just tell how he is feeling.


and at night when my husband and i are resting on the couch after a long day we let teddy up and he snuggles up to him for a few but then "asks" to lay on my chest so i can pet him until he finally falls asleep :)

Very normal.  I can't go in any store without buying my corgi a new chewie or play toy.  He brings us such joy.  We want to do the same for him!

I'll post a photo of my Buckingham Palace replica doghouse as soon as it's finished.

But beware of anthropomorphizing your dog.   Toys and treats are fine, but what your dog probably wants most from you -- after food -- is your time and attention.  Before you buy a new dog toy, throw the old ball.  Go out and spend some time sniffing something disgusting.   Together.

Hi John, believe me besides spoiling him with toys and special treats, we give Oliver plenty of our our love, time and attention!  Thanks for the advice though.  As far as going on a "sniffing something disgusting" adventure,  I'll continue to allow him do that all on his own.  Garbage pick up morning in our neighborhood provides him with ample opps for that.  It's like running an obstacle course!  BTW, enjoyed some or your photos. Gorgeous scenery and beautiful dogs!  I believe you may have submitted a photo for the calendar which I voted for.  Good luck!
This is the best topic!!!! I am completely guilty of this! I will do the most foolish things for this dog! He's the best and it makes me happy to think that any bit I do (even as little or foolish) will make him a happy pooch! This has got me giggling so much! :)


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