I've been having a problem lately with Samwise, my youngest corgi, relating to sensitive skin... I think. He's constantly itchy. I took him to the vet and she thought it was a food allergy, so I changed his food to another food in the same brand, but with a different main ingredient (Blue Buffalo Basic salmon flavor). It helped stiffen his stool and got rid of the hot spots, but he's still itchy.

I then thought maybe it was the detergent I use to clean his bedding once in a while, so I've just been using hot water to sanitize them. I don't think that was it either. I called the vet and she suggested it was all in his head; maybe he's suffering from anxiety. I know my dog and that definitely wasn't it either. Sam is the most laid back dog I've ever known. On top of that, he scratches all night long. While it's definitely a great alarm clock at 5AM, I feel like he's uncomfortable and that bothers me.

I don't even know :(. The Dr's. Foster &Smith Itch Stop shampoo I use on him gives him temporary relief because it has lidocaine and hydrocortisone, which dulls the itching, but it wears off fast. I noticed that his fur gets oily very quickly, if that helps. Any ideas on what's causing this?

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It was a week to 10 days. The itching got less and less until it stopped.


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