Both of my dogs are getting these raised, scabby bumps; they're stiff and hard and topped with scabs, but not inflamed, pussy or red. They're only in their ears, although I've noticed Roxy Itching at her collar area frequently in the last week. Sam has been effected much worse than Roxy. This started out with Sam running his face along the carpet all the time (started about 3 months ago) and then evolved into active itching.


Both of them have been eating their current food since the first two weeks they came home for the first time. They are currently eating a grainless food (Blue Buffalo Wilderness), so I doubt it's a food allergy.


I mentioned this behavior to their vet the last time I took them (about a month ago). She had a look in Sam's ears and said that he didn't have mites, ticks or fleas and to keep an eye on it.


Has anyone had a similar experience or any advice?


The main reason I ask is because sometimes my vet has a tendency towards overkill in diagnosis. But, otherwise, it's a great clinic.

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Yea I was just mostly curious is anyone else had ever seen anything like that and if it was terribly serious. It helps him a lot when I clean his ears, but I definitely want to get it looked at.


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