I recently received 2 copies of the comic book "korgi" by Christian Slade its a book with no words, just really nice pictures telling a story of a girl who lives in this "korgi land" with different corgis of all sorts, really nice present for any young corgi lovers or yourself, you guys should check it out, I plan on getting the whole series , it was done by someone who used to work for Disney


check this link!

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Christian is a wonderful man with lots of talent. He also has some lovely prints available. I love his work!
Hi Dude!
I have them both too, book 2 actually signed by the author! (He was at Comicon this summer). They are so beautiful! Thank you for mentioning them!

Oh wow! I've never even heard of this, but I WANT!
Thank you! I bookmarked the page for my daughter. She will be so delighted.
i have never heard of it either and I want 2!!!!!
Yes, I have also met Christian Slade. He was at Megacon in Orlando in February. I bought both books and he signed them for me and I also bought some artwork from him so I have it hanging over my sofa now. I love Corgis! :)
How funny, I was going to post the same thing. I have the Korgi graphic novels and wanted to share it with everyone but you beet me to it. :) They are very cute and anyone who loves Corgis or comics would have to love Korgi.


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