Hello everyone! I have a question about my baby girl Izzy! She's 12 weeks now and is riot of energy if you know what I mean. Anyways it seems as if she knows who her owner is and thats me. But the one thing i'm trying to figure out is why she always bites me only. She's very playful with my parents or any other guests and doesn't seem to nip them but me. Is it her way of being affectionate or playful around me. I've been trying to correct her with a firm "NO" every time she see's my hand. I also been consistent at flicking her mouth when it hurts and then say "NO" again. She is a smart girl and seems to know when to really push your buttons. Is there any advice you could give me in order for her to stop! Everything is greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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Here are a couple of other recent discussions regarding biting that might have some ideas for you. My #1 piece of advice = obedience class.  It really does make a huge difference for you and your puppy!





These are just from the last 2 months. I am sure you can go back further than that for lots more good advice.


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