I was recently looking up music to play for Molly when my boyfriend and I want to relax and watch a movie and don't want a squirming corgi on our laps and trying to pee all over the place. We keep molly in her cage when such instances occur, and i normally play a rain generator for her to relax her. She seems to have developed a tolerance to said rain and thunder noises. So i searched for music that would help keep her calm. I stumbled upon this:


and this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5mLQ6sSZv4

and boy did it work. we were watching the avengers and not a peep from molly the entire movie. when i came to check on her, she was passed out on her back lightly snoring. Then the fact that i checked on her a mere 5 minutes after I started playing the music was amazing. i finally found something to keep her relaxed so she wouldn't get nervous that someone wasn't around. 

has anyone else found music that helps keep your corgi calm?

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