Has anyone gotten a puppy from Keepsake? The breeders dogs look to be in very good shape and are beautiful. I emailed her about some Corgi information wondering a little more about them her having so many (even though this site definately answered most of my questions) I never got an answer. I'm sure she has a busy life so I don't exactly blame her for not getting back to me. She lives a few hours from me but we would be willing to make the drive when time. Thanks for all your help! 

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We got Gracie from her. She is a beautiful dog, very friendly and loving. Good luck.


Pudge's dam is Keepsake All Jazzed Up.  Sire is Haley's Autumn Rain. 

Haley (Carrie Hale) is our breeder.  I think she's very good and dedicated (VP of the local breed club) and wouldn't be collaborating with Keepsake if it was not a good kennel.

Thank you guys for the reply(: when the time comes, I really hope to get a puppy from Keepsake. 


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