I was wondering what I could use in a Kong for Ziggy, something tastey that he will be willing to actually work at it for.

He spends a lot of time just laying down, going from napping to half napping.. For the past two days in the morning when I first wake up, he wrestles with me, then after a potty break, breakfast and a walk, we are back at the house-so he is back in our bed, just laying there half napping and napping. Sometimes he wants some attention and affection, other times not.. But if he's just laying there because he's not ready to want to trust us completely, then I want him to have something to do so he's not bored-and a something frozen and yummy will do that-especially being hard to get at lol. (We have been going on two walks a day.. But I am thinking either doing one long walk in the morning, one really short one in the morning and a semi long one in the evening, or sticking with two mediumish ones.) Today we did a long one in the morning and he slept for a long time and is just now waking up.. So I don't think that will work because now he'll be energized tonight... Input on which, and why?

But I don't know what to use. I feel like I shouldn't be using peanut butter since it's so high in fat as he needs to be losing a few more pounds.. Sooo, suggestions?:) Thanks:D

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If you do find that he likes interactive toys, I used the IQ Treat Ball with Yuki when he was losing weight.  I would put his breakfast in there and started on the easiest setting.  It took him about 15 minutes to get his food out the first time, but I adjusted it so that it became harder and harder as he got better at it.  By the second week the ball was on the hardest setting and it took him about 45 minutes to a full hour to finish his breakfast, and all the while he was hitting it around and chasing it.

I should note that I feed him Taste of the Wild and that kibble is a good size to use with it.  If you don't feed kibble (I think I remember you saying you were going to feed him a homemade diet) then you could always put some peas or other small veggie treat inside.  :)  I'd still be using the ball, but Yuki eventually figured out that throwing it into the wall would sometimes pop it open.  Unfortunately, he threw it one too many times and it broke.  I plan on getting him another one, though!


try wellness treats! our pembroke loves them!


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