I took 10 month old Bella for a walk on the track at a local park. At the park, Bella spotted a kite that a young girl was attempting to fly. That was the only unusual thing I noticed before Bella went apesh*t on me. As soon as she saw this kite or the combo of the kite and girl, Bella freaked out and started pulling and whimpering, refusing to walk. We had to turn around, I had no choice really. She was pulling so hard to get away that if I had let go of her leash, she would have shot out to the road like a bullet. She was choking herself leash, gasping for air or the energy to pull me away from that dangerous, horrific kite.;-)
 I could not get her to calm down. Finally, mostly because I was embarrassed that I didn't have any control over the situation, I picked her up and carried her to the car which wasn't but a few parking spaces away at that point. She calmed down once I got her in the car though she was shaking like a nervous Nellie.
Any pointers on what I should or should not be doing? Anyone have this kind of issue with their corgi? It seems that I have an increasingly fearful dog though she has not been afraid of people or other dogs to this point. She doesn't like cars or the noise of the vacuum but loves other dogs, the beach, and kids etc. 

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The list of horrible things for Bella is lengthy:



automobiles of any kind

autos that drive by us when I'm driving and she is in the car


tape gun (at work for packages)

Dymo address labeler/printer

ringing phones

pounding sounds (like pounding on the floor or walls which I don't do often)

leaf blower

lawn mower

Kites (since last weekend)

striking a match or using a log lighter


She loves to chase bubbles and poke at balloons. She met nearly face to face with a flock of wild turkeys a week ago and was mesmerized. Her list of bad things is random. With the vacuum, I've used vanilla ice cream. It's interesting watching her go between the small bit of ice cream to barking ferociously at the vacuum.


Like Don (and crew) said, this is painfully slow. ;-)

I appreciate everyone's input/feedback etc.




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