After travelling Opa usually loses her appetite. Normally I'll put half a banana in each bowl for her and she'll gobble it right up. The only thing is, we live in a hot area and bananas go bad quickly. I get lactose-free milk and I always have trouble finishing it on my own. Today I tried putting maybe 1/4th cup in her bowl and she loved it! Is this okay to regularly give to corgis?

Some more information: she is 7 months old and I feed her 3/4ths cup of Canidae 2 times a day. Ever since she got spayed I noticed it's hard to get her to finish it all. Recently she's been more calm and contented to lay down and sleep next to me. But she'll still play when I play with her. I've been worried the increase in calm/sleepiness could be indicative of her being sick, but otherwise she seems fine. Maybe she's less hyper because of maturity? Maybe I should just be feeding her less? I don't want to be under feeding her... I heard her stomach growling this afternoon after she skipped breakfast and that's when I decided to put milk in some kibble and give it to her...

Thank you for reading!!

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She might just be needing less food. Adult corgis do well on 1 cup total food for the day. Mine get this split into 2 meals. Growling stomachs don't mean hunger, just the gut working. As long as she's eating, playing, pooping, drinking and peeing, she's most likely fine. Fussy eaters are made by worried owners adding goodies to their food. If she is hungry, she will eat.

Agree with Karen, less food is the answer.  As for the lactose free milk,  it should not be a problem, but I would not use it to entice her to eat more or you will end up with a fat, finicky eater....  You could combine your leftover milk with the ripe bananas and freeze in an ice cube trays for a quick treat.... just a thought :-D

Thanks so much!! You're right, I'm gonna stick to her feeding schedule until she eats the kibble on her own. I have a policy of no treats unless she's eaten at least some of her kibble. Thank you for the tips!!


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