So Murray is convinced he is the most popular boy in all the land, so much that when we take him for walks, if anyone else comes around he pulls so much on his leash he ends up with bloodshot eyes if we are out for awhile.  Its like his collar is choking him out or something. He does not seem to care and keeps pulling, convinced everyone just needs to see him and pet him. The white parts of his eyes will be red for an hour or so after and it doesn't bother him as much me.. Any ideas of a different leash/collar solution or how to break him of the pulling habit?  Thanks :)

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In your opinion will the Freedom harness be one that can't be backed out of? My CharlieMae doesn't pull, but she has backed out of the step in harness I use now. She is shaped just like a stick of butter and is just as slippery, LOL! Thanks.

The Freedom Harness comes with a leash or without a leash.... if you get the leash option it has several options to use for training. I use it with my fluffy Alfie and now with my foster Walnut.  Both for similar reasons but different.  I have had no issues with either of them slipping out of the harness-- but it does have the option if you get the version with the leash that you can hook the leash to the collar and the harness at the same time so you have double protection. ....The Freedom No Pull harness works hands down better that the easy walk harness from all the research I did before getting the Freedom Harness.   What actually sold me was see the difference it made with a German Shepard in our NoseWorks class.

You tube has some demo videos.

also check out the manufacturers website for more information--it has several colors to choose from -- in the need you obviously will need to figure out what best for you and CharlieMae.

^^ yes, what Jill said... Haha. They sell the harness and leash together for $36! I believe it's called the "Taining Package". It's a great deal. I think the leash is 4' and extends to 5' if you use the single hook (not sure the exact lengths). They also have a lifetime warranty on the product and will replace it if your puppy chews it something.


Try shortening the straps that go over his back. You may have to loosen the chest strap to do this. I heard once of someone using a small carabiner clip to hold the collar and chest strap at the proper distance apart on a short-legged dog. The chest strap should be straight across the chest, parallel to the floor. Maybe the clip would prevent short little legs from getting caught in the straps.

I've never used the Freedom Harmess, but I just watched the video. It looks like this and the Easy Walk work in slightly different ways. The Freedom Harness fits much higher over the chest, almost to the throat. The direction of the "pull" is different, from the back and down, without the use of the front loop. The Easy Walk "pull" is more from the front and to the side. I think that means that different dogs may respond better to one than the other. I'm going to keep an eye out for this, since my curiosity is up now.


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