My corgi is 2 yr and she is healthy but seems to have zero energy. I feed her Natures Variety raw diet and dry (breeder rec), she's been to the vet and is healthy but wants to sleep or lay around all day. When I take her for a walk at the park she doesn't seem to want to walk and I have to pull on the leash to get her to move. Oh and she's not overweight. Any advice?

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Hmmm...tough one. Some Corgis are just more laid back then others. I know you had said she is not overweight but could she be deficient in something or have a thyroid problem. Maybe is bored and just needs to get more active to increase her energy levels. Sometimes another dog can help w/getting another more active and alert. I know my first Corgi was lazy but when I brought another home she got more active. What are you feeding and how much?


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