My Corgi, Gretzky, has licked his front leg until he has a big red, raw sore.  We have been covering it with antibiotic ointment, covering with gauze, and wrapping in flexible wrap.  We change it daily. Yesterday we left the bandage off for about 10 minutes and he started licking it raw again.  In the beginning we put the "sour apple" spray on it to stop the licking but it really didn't work.  I am at my wit's end.  We he have to have it wrapped forever??  Has anyone else experienced this?

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Yes, he does get plenty of exercise. We do work but we play a lot and he gets a lot of attention.  We did get a cone and it's looking better, however, now he is licking above the bandage.  I spray the bitter lemon on it to prevent the licking.  The initial wound looks a lot better.   Thank you for your comments.


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